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"Golearnarabic" is the leader in learning Arabic and Quran online !


Do you want to learn Arabic so that you can finally read and understand Qur’an, but don‘t have the time or the energy to find a private tutor in your city? Then you have come to the right place!

Golearnarabic is the leader in learning the Arabic language online! Thanks to our highly qualified teachers who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you will be able to learn Arabic extremely quickly, even from home.

Read, write, understand and speak Arabic

With golearnarabic, the goal is not just to understand Arabic, but also to know how to read, write and speak Arabic thanks to our native Arabic teachers who are dedicated to your success! No more subtlety of the language will be missed!

The ideal platform for learning Arabic

We are grateful for having a communication option for students (chat) , in our online  classes . You will be able to ask all different questions at any time so you won’t be missing anything and will be learning rapidly .If you don’t understand a point during a lesson, our teachers will be glad to answer you at any time of the day or night!

Learning the Quran 

The learning of Arabic does not stop here. You will also be able to learn, understand, read and remember the Qur’an. So don’t wait any longer and go for it ! Good learning is only possible with good teachers!

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Enjoy the Arabic and Quran lessons up to 3 € per hour (10 € after PROMOTION)

– Enjoy Quran lessons up to € 3.5 per hour (€ 10 after PROMOTION)

– Enjoy Arabic lessons up to € 3.5 per hour (€ 10 after PROMOTION)

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Happy Subscribers

“They said it was impossible.

With Allah’s help, IT WAS POSSIBLE”

“I am more than satisfied with the teaching provided by Go Learn Arabic and the training platform.

The price is very attractive for low wages like mine. The courses are perfect, including the teaching staff. It is a quality training that adapts to the rhythm and daily lives of each student and that’s what makes it special from other training courses! For have being tested several times: 

It is indeed the best training platform! ”


Uber driver, usa

“With a very reasonable price, I was able to access an incredible wealth of knowledge and learning

Arabic language, mixed with a very enriching reading of the Qur’an. I have reconciled my student duties and for this double training to be offered with pleasure, ease, and a lot of motivation. Thank you for your implication, your pedagogy … And for it to be accessible with all the immense knowledge and benevolence, at a very reasonable price for students.”


schoolteacher, usa

“My level in Arabic Improved very quickly thanks to the training of Go Learn Arabic. I thought that my physical fatigue due to my work would prevent me from investing myself…  eventually it didn’t! The courses are perfectly designed, easy to understand for beginners, the team is very sympathetic and motivating. I am happy to have been able to benefit from such quality learning. I have never seen such a professional and proactive training team, with accessible training prices too!”


Waiter, England

“A training that taught me a lot, both in the Arabic language and the Quran. I am recognizing the teachers for their knowledge sharing and their availability.  I am passionate about this, that I have learnt every day, I took advantage of my breaks at the restaurant where I work as a waiter, to advance in my training.

 Thanks to GoLearnArabic for everything they passed on to me ! In my eyes, you stay undoubtedly the best training platform! ”


Housewife, usa

“Varied, interesting courses at a reasonable price. Friendly teachers, warm, very competent. My learning took place in the best conditions thanks to them. ( I succeeded to learn and improve quickly despite a laborer’s job that is quite tiring during the day.

The more I learned, the more I was proud of myself and happy to have come across this training platform.

Go Learn Arabic really offers exceptional quality training. Thank you.”


Student, england

“This training sounded like a revelation in me. Linking the learning of the Arabic language with that of the Quran strengthened my beliefs and my knowledge . I warmly thank the Go Learn Arabic team for that. 

I was able to easily adjust my training times with my teacher’s timetable

I can even chat in Arabic with some of my students. Magnificent experience, unique learning … The best site for language training arabic, without a doubt! ”


Worker, australia

Have you already tried our courses?

With GoLearnArabic, discover a complete learning of the Arabic language and culture at the service of understanding the Quran. Learn from the best teachers, passionate about Arab culture and Islam, pedagogues and happy to share their immense knowledge. .


What We Do ?

Ultra fast and effective training to speak Arabic

Ultra fast and effective training to speak Arabic. Our native teachers and all with years of service, we help you learn to speak in Arabic effortlessly


Whether you are a beginner or already have an excellent Golearnarabic level help you understand the Quran and the Sunnah according to pious predecessors

Grammar and conjugation

Grammar & conjugation

We help you learn and develop your level by providing language courses at a very advanced level

Not for everybody

If you already have a good expression in Arabic, a perfect memorization of the Quran with Tazwiid (rules of the Quran) … Then This page is not for you!

Memorize the Holy Quran

If you have always wanted to learn to read and memorize with a good and perfect mastery of the Holy Quran… You have come to the right place

Communicate with native Arabs

Following a large number of requests from our students, now there is a qualified team available 24/7 

We contribute for society because:

We create jobs, we facilitate your learning, we help to understand religion correctly and we help you to become the best version of yourself


Five spheres. A mission..

Make Islamic education accessible to all !







We are here to help you !

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